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The carnage, lies, and deception related to the Vietnam War and Laos almost killed Brian Vincent. He came home wounded and broken, and he was in danger of losing his soul, but he fought back and settled down in south Louisiana to everyday life.


It takes a particular person to cope with combat flying operations and adapt and improvise as necessary to get the job done. The CIA knew Brian Vincent was that person. All they needed to do was convince him to fly into harm's way for a worthy cause. Brian Vincent fell into the warriors' trap years earlier and became addicted to the adrenalin rush associated with combat. It didn't take too much convincing. 

Along the way, Brian met someone with more zeal than he and a strong desire to set the record straight. A girl, no less. More rigid than steel and a resolve harder than stone. Together, they found enough trouble to last a lifetime, and both almost died as a result. 

The Girl with a Silver Necklace is a war-laced thriller. Its outcome will chill readers to the core.

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