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Brian Vincent rushed to war in Vietnam and Laos as an impressionable and idealistic young man prepared to conquer tyranny with altruistic notions. He fell in love with the people and found a woman who pierced his heart and made him whole. Amidst the blood and carnage, Brian learned that love is as thin as a gossamer wing and as fleeting as sand in an hourglass. He lost friends in a war without meaning and could not comprehend that fidelity and everlasting love aren't always compatible. Body and spirit broken, Brian returned home to Louisiana in danger of losing his soul.

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While his warrior skills defined him, he wanted to leave behind the vagaries of love and war with its pestilence in a distant land. He found renewed hope and balance after completing his law degree and specializing in oil and gas contracts. The face of death perpetrated by people without a moral compass resurfaced with a vengeance. Despite his best efforts, he could not escape his fate and had to find a way to end the madness without losing his life.

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